CIT delivered a Ford F250 for Lance and on 10/11/2015 customer wrote:

“CIT was fast no run around or extra fees. This is the best way to go and I would use them again in the future.Save your self the trouble and call them first! “


CIT delivered a Mercedes SL300 for Gary and on 9/30/2015 customer wrote:

“Moving a classic 1983 Mercedes Benz 250″ Limo isn’t the easiest job to do for the normal transport company.”


CIT delivered a Porsche 911 C4S for Trevor and on 7/27/2015 customer wrote:

“The team in the office were extremely helpful and made this transportation seemless. Great people to work with!!!”


CIT delivered a Ford Fusion for Elisbeth and on 5/26/2015 customer wrote:

“Great professional and timely service!!!!”


CIT delivered a Lotus Elise for John and on 3/20/2015 customer wrote:

“I have used CIT several times over the last 10 years and they are always fast in assigning my vehicle to a transporter, and the transporter companies used are always top notch both enclosed and not enclosed.”


CIT delivered a Honda Civic for Kris and on 2/6/2015 customer wrote:

“Easiest car move of my life! Thank you CIT Auto!”


CIT delivered a Toyota 4Runner for Ashley and on 1/3/2015 customer wrote:

“Very professional, on time, and easy to book! A cross country move made easy. “